SBA Serie

SBA Serie


> Different casing color,
> Other tube wall thicknesses and fin spacing on request,
> Three phase 400V 3~ 50Hz fan,
> Please keep in touch with our sales department about your special needs that are not mentioned in the catalogue.


> Hot gas defrost in coil and drip tray,
> Insulated drip tray,
> Casing made of stainless steel,
> Epoxy resin coated aluminium fins,
> Fan cable heaters,
> Drain line cable heater.

SBA Serie

Agriculture Unit Coolers

Evaporator Coil
> Copper tubes Ø1/2”,
> Fins made of aluminium,
> Fin spacings are 8 mm,
> Header inlet and outlet tube connections made of copper,
> Admissible pressure Ps=24 Bar.

> Galvanized steel sheet painted to RAL 7035 (light grey)

> Low-noise axial fans with maintenance free motors,
> Protection class IP 44/54, single phase 230V 1~ 50Hz,
> Constructions insulation material class F/B, admissible temperature -30°C up to +40/+55°C,
> In case of long periods of non operation the motors must be operated every month for 2 hours,
> The integral thermo contacts (thermistors) must be used as motor protection,
> At low ambient temperatures and different air resistance the power consumption will increase.

Sound Specifications
> The sound pressure levels are calculated according to EN 13487.

> Electrical defrost as HT or LT type as optional,
> Hot gas defrosts without tubing inside of coil and drip try, without non-return valve,
> Water defrost.

> The nominal capacities calculated according to Eurovent (EN329) standards that refer to  SC1-SC2-SC3-SC4 conditions and are valid for R404A,
> The refrigerating capacities refer to an air inlet temperature difference which results from the difference between cooler air inlet temperature Tr, evaporating temperature Te and ΔT = Tr - Te.