Steam Coils

Steam Coils


> Coil parts of the products can be dyed according to customer choices. 
> Product cases can be dyed according to customer choices. 

Steam Coils

After industrial revolution, steam power is started to be used in industries intensively. Steam became one of the indispensables in a variety of sectors and processes by this way. Also, steam coils which were already in use in energy sector and in industry, became of importance in air conditioning field. Today Sarbuz manufactures products for domestic and international companies who are active in industry, energy, machine, AC station and air conditioning sectors, with specialized employees and wide machinery track where energy costs are high enough and steam power is preferred one.

Steam coils are designed and manufactures as per choices of the costumer. Varieties of products are also designed for special appliances and capacity calculations are made by relevant heat transfer software.



> Copper tubes Ø1/2”, Ø5/8”,  
> Fins made of aluminium, 
> Fin spacings are 1,8 - 6,0 mm, 
> Header inlet and outlet tube connections made of copper, 
> Admissible pressure Ps=32 Bar. 

> Galvanized and Aluminum models used models can be designed and processed according to customer choices.


> Nominal capacities are being calculated by our experienced development, sales and marketing employees according to the standards and real working conditions.